Aaj Tak to go free-to-air from June

21st May 2012    21:37

Aaj Tak to go free-to-air in UK

Aaj Tak to go free-to-air in UK

Confirming earlier reports on BizAsia, Aaj Tak has told BizAsia that it will indeed be going free-to-air from Friday 1st June.

The channel will leave the VIEWASIA bundle end of this month to become a standalone free-to-air channel on the Sky Digital platform.

Aaj Tak launched in 2007 and became a part of the then MAX Mix pack, which was later rebranded VIEWASIA.

It will be the first time next month, Aaj Tak will handle sales and marketing in the UK independently. It is due to launch a huge campaign outdoor, online, radio and press in the coming weeks to inform viewers about the change.

Similarly, SAB TV and Sahara One, which have been part of VIEWASIA will be leaving to become free-to-air entities.

Aaj Tak is available on Sky channel 818.


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  • Bhimdave

    An excellent fast moving, keeping up with the latest happenings News Channel. The presenters are racy but informative and will keep you glued to your set.

  • Harrygohel

    this news channel is good source of knowledge & entertainment but when the news is presented in a twisted way that confuses the audience , please be specific and present a clear picture of incidents

  • Nathanwilliams8888

    this good news channel i like this channel and will be watching this from tomorrow

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