ABP News exits UK market; welcomes Star Jalsha

22nd November 2012    9:41

Star Jalsha replaces ABP News in UK

Star Jalsha replaces ABP News in UK

The long-running, ABP News, formerly Star News has left the UK market today and Bengali entertainment channel, Star Jalsha has made its official debut.

Star News was rebranded ABP News after Star TV India and the Ananda Bazaar Patrika (ABP) Group parted ways after eight years of business together.

ABP News has now left Star TV UK without a Hindi news channel, with just four entertainment channels in its bundle – Star Plus (HD), Star Life Ok, Star Gold and Star Jalsha.

Star Jalsha will be the broadcaster’s first experiment with a regional language channel in UK/Europe. ‘Jalsha’ is synonymous to entertainment and celebration in Bengali. It will also make it the first South Asian regional channel to be retailed in the Sky Entertainment Pack.

Star Jalsha is available on Sky channel 808, replacing ABP News. Meanwhile, on Virgin Media, ABP News has been replaced with Star Life Ok.


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  • is it free?

  • Asam

    Very disappointing move by ABP News. I used to watch ABP News daily. Please bring back ABP News!!!.

  • Pathik

    it is absolutely shameful and unexpected that even though having vast viewers category, abp news has stopped to broadcast. It was the only channel that keep connected Indians to indian news. This move has disappointed many viewers. The channel should be replaced with another news channel at least. Any other good news channel should come forward to be broadcasted in UK. Looking forward for some good news..

  • Well regardless of anythng we need a good Hindi News channel which present the news with ll the masala,,,they could have replaced any other entertaining channel than a news channel,,,Obviously a Bengali Entertaining channel isnt a substitute of Hindi News Channel,,,hope it reverse soon,,,I feel as if something is missing on my dinner table

  • VK

    bad move…we want abp news back!!!!

  • This is not the first experiment with a regional channel in UK/Europe for Star.

    Actually their Tamil general entertainment channel, Star Vijay, is telecasting in Europe and UK for Tamil viewers on Eurobird 9A (9 degree East) satellite.

  • Dharmesh

    I like to watch ABP news bring back asap plz. My father watch news chanel avery day. Plz bring back ABP news thx.

  • Zee

    NDTV better get it’s act together and launch NDTV India in the UK quick. The niche is there! It would make it the biggest provider of Indian news in the UK overtaking Aaj Tak!

    Star News was better when NDTV provided the service in the early days when it launched in the UK. It all went downhill after they ended the contract with NDTV as news provider.

  • Mukesh Patel

    I miss ABP News very much.Please come back ASAP.You were the only hindi news channel I used to watch.

  • NG

    Don’t want star Jalsha. If star is experimenting with this , it is a bad move…Why should I pay for a channel which I don ‘t understand…They will lose big market of viewers who don’t speak bengali… I have watched star news without a break for the last 10years….I will like to know the reasons why ABP news parted with Star package…Very frustrating….

  • nri

    would some one tell me the reason why ABP News has left

    UK market.It had good viewership and lot advertising support.

  • cant believe it, what a shame, will loose viewership, we dont want to watch star jalsha at all, bring back ABP news or movies ok will do, very very disappointed!!

  • ABP News – Get your act together and do whatever it takes to start broadcasting in UK again ASAP. It is a shame when you let your viewers down like this!!! In your recent ads you were saying “Kuch nahi badla”…….Ha Ha Ha….

  • disqus_mgf3xTqyti

    i dont want to watch Star Jalsha this is a bad move from Star.

  • Sukh

    I will like to view star news channel again as I like the news and entertainment provided by the channel….


    Hey i am also viewer from UK, We suscribed to star news and star plus from day 1 in the Uk launch until today without any breaks! it is a huge dissapointment i am huge fan of ABP news and all there TV anchors, would love to see this channel broadcast in UK again.You had all kinds of programs other than news which is very refreshing as a news channel.From today the broadcasting is terminated, Please come back soon.

  • foj

    there are million and million of bengalis too…. bengali from india and bangladesh!!!

  • Is Star going to include other regional channels like Gujarati?
    All over the world, there are millions and millions of Gujaratis, Especially in UK! Which means that Star will earn loads of advertising revenue..

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