Akash Radio celebrates 7th year with newspaper

3rd June 2009    10:06

Popular digital Punjabi radio station Akash Radio will be launching an online Punjabi/English newspaper to coincide with its seventh birthday.

The station, which turns seven on Saturday 27th June, will mark the occasion with several activities including teaming up with their media partners Celebrasian for the Asia Cup Polo being held at Guards Polo Club, Windsor, on Saturday 27th June.

Further, on Sunday 28th June, Akash Radio will be holding a thanksgiving prayer at the Sikh Temple, Havelock Road, Southall.

The final event of the anniversary celebration will be on Monday 29th June, where the Akash Newspaper is officially launched in The House of Lords at a special function being held from 15:30.

CEO Mr Sukhwinder Singh says, “It’s another way of saying thank you to all our supporters, listeners and business partners who have made Akash Radio most popular Punjabi radio station around the world. If you compare us with other Punjabi radio stations on alexa.com, you will see we are far ahead of all of them and this is simply because of our excellent programming content.”

The online paper will be available on the station’s website.


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