Channel 9 takesover NTV on Sky Digital EPG

16th April 2012    21:05

Channel 9 launches in the UK

Channel 9 launches in the UK

Channel 9, a general entertainment channel from Bangladesh has replaced NTV on the Sky Digital platform.

The channel launched on Saturday 14th April, ending NTV’s four-year presence in the UK. It is not known why NTV has closed down at this moment in time but the buzz about the takeover started earlier this year when NTV broadcast the Bangla Premier League games in February. Channel 9 was also the official partner for the Bangla Premier League in Bangladesh.

Channel 9 has replaced all NTV programming in the UK and the EPG has been changed to Channel 9 UK.

Channel 9 is a fairly new channel in Bangladesh. It only went on-air earlier this year ahead of the Bangla Premier League.

Channel 9 is free-to-air on Sky Digital channel 834.


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  • Bangbabe

    ntv is back!

  • Firoz

    I am so sorry and sad that NTV is gone from UK. NTV was a channel what I always used to watch. I heartily wish NTV stays in the UK or come back to the UK again.

    Channel 9 has replaced NTV. It is an entertainment channel but does not meet my needs. Channel 9 could meet the needs only for the spoiled children of the rich parents. It does not meet the needs of the people of all classes.

    Please bring NTV back. If you keep channel 9, this channel will loss viewers. Channel 9 would not bring any profit to the company.

    Please bring NTV back. 
    Thank you

  • Zakir1988

     NTV is coming back guys

  • Dan

    I’m enjoying Channel 9 hope it stays

  • Pirapaharan Navaratnam

    I went to NTV website for Bangla Desh and there they have linked to Channel 9 UK website. So maybe this new channel is owned by the same company as NTV? 

  • Guest

    Not happy NTV is gone, will miss some of the programs.

    • M.islam

      I like the channel 9 because their quality program.

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