Confirmed: ‘SaraswatiChandra’ to replace ‘Yeh Khamoshiyan’

11th February 2013    14:49

'SaraswatiChandra' to launch this month

'SaraswatiChandra' to launch this month

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s much talked about debut TV drama ‘SaraswatiChandra’ will replace ‘Yeh Khamoshiyan’ later this month on Star Plus, BizAsia can confirm.

The final episode of ‘Yeh Khamoshiyan’ will air as a Maha Episode on Saturday 23rd February. The show has been under the scanner for weeks as ratings were down in the 19:30 slot.

‘SaraswatiChandra’ is based on the popular novel ‘SaraswatiChandra’ written by Govardhanram Madhavram Tripathi. This famous novel was also made into an award winning film which had yesteryear actors, Manish and Nutan. The story of the serial is that of a middle class Gujarati family and their two daughters. It will depict the clash in ideologies of the extended family.

The show has a huge cast with Gautam Rode playing the lead he will eassy the role of Saraswatichandra, Jennifer Winget is casted for the female lead role. Jennifer will be essaying the role of Kumud.

‘SaraswatiChandra’ will launch on Monday 25th February at 19:30.

It is also rumoured that ‘Kaal Ek PunarAvtar’ will be ending in early March, to be replaced with ‘MasterChef India’ in the second weeek of March in the weekday 20:00 slot. BizAsia will confirm developments soon.


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