EXCLUSIVE: ABP News to cease broadcasting in UK

15th November 2012    20:33

ABP News set for closure in UK

ABP News set for closure in UK

ABP News will be bidding adieu to UK/Europe audiences next week, BizAsia can exclusively confirm.

Star TV UK has confirmed that it will only carry Star branded channels on Sky Digital and Virgin Media from Thursday 22nd November.

BizAsia had already reported that ABP News will be replaced with Star Life Ok on Virgin Media. On the Sky Digital platform, ABP News will be replaced with Bengali channel, Star Jalsha.

Rajan Singh – Executive Vice President, Star international Business said, “As part of our agreement with Sky and Virgin Media, we will only be carrying Star branded channels .

Neeraj Sanan – Marketing & Distribution head MCCS said, “We thank the Star Network for a productive working relationship across UK & Europe Markets. Moving forward, we will now be distributing ABP News though alternate means in UK and Europe Markets.”


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  • i miss SBS with aditi arora savan…

  • i really miss abp news somehow i am use to listening abp news in every morning with my cup of coffee its so boring now,… as i don’t really like aaj tak aur ndtv… pls. come back soon.

  • patel

    This is good news for ABP news now no repeat or playback same tape 24/7 i never liked their breaking news is an hour after
    TAJ TAK news. ABP NEWS you got lesson to learn now.


    Hey i am also viewer from UK, We suscribed to star news and star plus from day 1 in the Uk launch until today without any breaks! it is a huge dissapointment i am huge fan of ABP news and all there TV anchors, would love to see this channel broadcast in UK again.You had all kinds of programs other than news which is very refreshing as a news channel.From today the broadcasting is terminated, Please come back soon.Already missing this channel as it is part of our everyday life.

  • Can’t say I will be shedding any tears. It was trash news at its best

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