EXCLUSIVE: PTC Punjabi UK launches on Monday

3rd February 2013    13:37

PTC Punjabi set for UK launch

PTC Punjabi set for UK launch

PTC Punjabi finally makes it launch in the UK on Monday (4th February), BizAsia can exclusively confirm.

The channel has secretly been planning its much awaited launch over the past few months. At this stage, we can reveal that PTC Punjabi UK will replace Music India on Sky channel 822. This will result in Music India exiting the UK market after a successful five years on-air.

PTC Punjabi had already tested the response of its programmes on Music India with Gurbani from Harmandir Sahib (Amritsar) being a core part of its schedule, plus PTC News bulletins and current affairs chat shows. From Monday 4th February, the other day parts currently occupied by Music India will be replaced with PTC Punjabi.

PTC Punjabi will be the UK’s only free Punjabi entertainment channel – challenging the long running ZEE Punjabi, which is a premium property from the ZEE Network. No doubt, the religious elements on PTC Punjabi UK will compete with Sikh Channel and Sangat TV and the much popular music content will rival Brit Asia TV.

Full programming details will be announced shortly.


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  • Rakesh Solanki

    Hearing the publication of the National Census that after Punjabi and Urdu, Gujarati is the third most spoken “South Asian” language. Surely we should be hearing about a launch of a Gujarati Entertainment Channel??

  • Sukhjinder

    It is going to be FTA (Free To AIr)???????

  • verry good news

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