Geo UK launches new live gameshow ‘Inaam Ghar’

17th January 2014    23:18

'Inaam Ghar' to air live on Geo UK

'Inaam Ghar' to air live on Geo UK

Geo UK has launched its new gameshow ‘Inaam Ghar’, which will air live twice per week, starting this weekend.

According to a synopsis of the show released by the channel, “‘Inaam Ghar’ will bring together people from all aspects of life. It is a programme that would celebrate happiness. It is a way out, a light of hope, a chance of rainbows and smiles for everyone. The show comprises of endless fun, activity, interaction with educational entertainment at the same time. The program promotes peace, love and a path to work hard for small goals to win exciting prizes.”

The show will be hosted by Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain and is a 3 hour format game show that will be divided into various segments.

‘Inaam Ghar’ will broadcast from Saturday 18th January from 14:30 to 19:30. It will also air on Thursdays. ‘Inaam Ghar’ will repeat on Friday and Sunday at 11:00.


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