Hum TV drama ‘Humsafar’ to air on Rishtey

25th February 2013    23:08


Rishtey to broadcast Hum TV programmes

Popular Pakistani TV channel, Hum TV is making a foray into the UK market with its shows being telecast on Rishtey from March.

Rishtey, which broadcasts free-to-air on Sky Digital and Virgin Media (package), will be shuffling its schedule from Saturday 9th March and introducing Pakistani content to its schedule courtesy of Hum TV.

The first show to air in the UK via Rishtey will be ‘Humsafar’ – a story, which revolves around the trials and tribulations of married couple Asher Hussaid and Khirad Ihsan and the jealous forces that work to be break them apart. ‘Humsafar’ was hugely popular when it broadcast on Hum TV two years ago. It will be the first time UK viewers will see the show.

Speaking on acquiring the show, Govind Shahi, Business Head, UK and Europe operations, IndiaCast said, “Our content philosophy on Rishtey has been ‘variety’ entertainment programming with an emphasis on providing quality entertainment that appeals to the entire South Asian demographics. We tasted great success with Sur Kshetra where our viewership came from the entire South Asian base and not just the Indian demographic. Building on this content philosophy, this was the logical next step and we are very confident that this program will be another winner.”

The drama will air Saturday and Sundays at 20:30 in a 60-minute slot. This will result in the movie slots, currently aired at 18:30 at weekends, moving to an hour earlier at 17:30.

With the way things stand, ‘Humsafar’ looks like the only show from Hum TV to air on Rishtey but other shows are expected to follow depending on viewing figures. This could also be an experiment for Hum TV to test UK audiences before launching fully as a an individual channel.

Updated 10/03/2013


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  • shaazad

    hi i watch this humsafer drama on Rishtey channel, i can not wait to see HUM tv in UK, big thanks to rishtey channel to show us such beautiful drama in UK, please let us know when this channel come to UK audience thanks.

  • disqus_2gCiP5RsDC

    Rishtey is uk is best channel i must say..
    Bari pia,Bhagyvidhata,Husafar…
    I am eager to see upcoming new show gurbani…!!!

  • This one is a great serial but HUM TV and Express entertainment TV have got many more even better serials to offer. I hope HUM TV launches in the UK soon….

  • kjnjknkjn

    watched the drama and soo far seems like a good story line

  • Zclmn

    Fake news

  • ify

    Wow. This has made my day. I love this drama.

  • Anonymous

    Hum TV has some of the best drama serials. I hope it makes a full launch in the UK as an individual channel.

  • IT

    good news

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