Hum TV drama ‘Mera Naseeb’ to launch on Rishtey

20th May 2013    9:06

'Mera Naseeb' to launch on Rishtey UK

'Mera Naseeb' to launch on Rishtey UK

With popular Pakistani drama ‘Humsafar’ coming to an end on Rishtey UK this month, the broadcaster has lined up yet another hit drama from Hum TV.

‘Mera Naseeb’, which originally aired in Pakistan in April 2011, proved a runaway success for the channel. It stars Sanam Saeed, Syra Yousuf, Samina Peerzada and Bushra Ansari in the lead.

‘Mera Naseeb’ is a story of two friends, Shazia and Nazia, who were born the same day and at the same time. Their fathers also die the same day and they grow up in the same house. An old Sufi baba predicts on their birth that their fates are entwined and they will bring each other misery and bad luck if they stay together. Every aspect of Shazia and Nazia’s daily routine is controlled by the three women who run the house – Habiba, Sajida and Salima. How they deal with their lives after this will be an interesting way.

‘Mera Naseeb’ starts on Rishtey on Sunday 26th May at 20:30 replacing ‘Humsafar’. ‘Humsafar’ has managed to bring record viewership to the channel over the past three months it was on-air.


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