Imagine Dil Se overtakes Star Plus in the UK

7th March 2011    2:55

Imagine Dil Se has toppled Star Plus from pole position in the UK, according to official data from BARB for week ending Sunday 27th February.

Imagine Dil Se now holds the title as the UK’s most watched Asian entertainment channel with a weekly reach of 912,000, whereas Star Plus had to settle for 771,000.

Star has hailed its two BARB rated channels as the number one in their respective genres since joining the measuring body late last year. Even though, Star Gold remains the most watched Asian movies channel, Star Plus is facing stiff competition from free-to-air broadcaster Imagine Dil Se.

World Media Connect, which distributes Imagine Dil Se in the UK, was jubilant over the news about its recent success but declined to comment at the time of filing this article.

Zing had a surge in its viewership on the back of its nightly ICC Cricket World Cup Highlights coverage. The channel touched a high of 558,000.

Star Gold went down slightly to 471,000 and Sunrise TV too saw a significant drop to 346,000.


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