In Video: ‘IPKKND Season 2’ promo on Star Plus

12th August 2013    20:26

'IPKKND Season 2' to hit Star Plus this year

'IPKKND Season 2' to hit Star Plus this year

It’s confirmed! Star Plus is bringing back its cult show ‘Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon’, this time, however, with new faces.

The new season will no longer have Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani play the lead characters of Arnav and Khushi, instead the channel has roped in Avinash Sachdeva and Shrenu Parikh as the lead pairing.

The new season, which will launch soon, will have the same title with a tag line ‘Ek Baar Phir.’ Sobti said, “Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon was one show that was loved by one and all, I was lucky to be a part of the show and have very fond memories of the year.”

Sobti is currently working on a couple of films, one of which will hit cinemas later this year. Irani, meanwhile is the lead face in Sony Entertainment Television Asia’s ‘ChhanChhan’.

In Video: ‘IPKKND Season 2’ promo


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  • Harsh

    if barun n sanaya r not there in ipkknd then its no use of this show…. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz barun n sanaya come back plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ….. v alll miss u both a lot…:(:(let whoever come extra but noone can replace u both darlings….. love u both alot…..
    ipkknd is highly impossible without arshi….. i think its better change the title of show before it goes to a flop one without our heart actor n actress….

    • Padmini

      ipkknd 2 never get
      success…. with out our arshi

  • Choupchoupi


  • duaa

    Iss pyar ko is nothing without arnav and kushi as sanya said in a interveiw we wanted arshi’s nok jhok, sizzling romance and their cute little fights back Nk’s hindhi and funny jokes back mami’s hello hi bye bye back angli di and her naughty little plans with nani back akash and payals unique lovestory back iss pyar ko is nothing without all this fans were waiting for this not a new story and new charcters iss pyar ko kya naam do is just not a name that u can put it with any storyline and we will be happy we didnt want the name back we did but with arnav kushi and the cast, the name is nothing with all of them please change the name I beg u because it will be a insult to ipkknd season 1 if ipkknd season 2 is like this we can wait till u bring sanaya and barun and the cast back but I dont think so that any one will watch this dramma wihout them pls pls change the name we can wait till barun and sanaya and the cast is free to shoot for ipkknd 2 cos we only want them back!!!

  • Menka

    No Braun no sanaya no ipkknd 2

  • divya

    they can be ok good but can never be best like arshi.
    they can never never replace arshi.
    ipkknd is suit for sarun only not for this shlok and astha.
    this is a waste to attempt the show without the heart of the show(arshi) .
    i am very disappointed with this promo.
    i can never imagine the show without them and everyone knows that arshi arshi and only arshi are the best and heart of the show.
    good attempt but its not going to work.
    he is not at all like barun and the girl is not like sanaya at all
    they can never create the old arshi magic never

  • angel

    only sarun can cast as arshi. change the title,promo is not appealing. i think star plus wants to make this serial popular by tagging ipkknd title. none other than arshi deserve ipkknd title. if star plus smartly think that ipkknd fans will watch this serial simply for its title, we are very sorry. we are not fools to watch any serial only by seeing its title.

    • divya

      this new pair can be ok, good but can never be best like how arshi were.
      the name ipkknd is only for arshi no one suits the tittle better than them.
      they were,r,will be best no one can replace them never..
      i got very very angry and disappoint with this promo.
      they can try but its never going to work.
      arshi arshi and only arshi not this shlok and astha in ipkknd

  • ambika

    i was dissapointed seeingIPKKND with different cast but its ok

  • ambika

    Iwas so dissapointed seeing iss pyar ko kya naam doon with different cast but its ok

  • arman

    I am not seeing anything simlar and related to the real iss pyaar ko kya naam doon but i’ll be watch this show because I was the huge fan of ipkknd but the lead actor of this show doesn’t look like my Arnav and he is not acting like him and
    think iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek baar phir is not like old best ipkknd this story is diffrent then the iss pyaar ko kya naam doon

  • Aneendita Dutta

    diff cast, diff story, diff characters, then why not diff name? Better change the title. Its freaking me out!!!

  • Pari

    give the show a chance.. why all the negativity …

  • Sarun Fan

    it got nothing related to IPKKND !!
    so y on earth name dat IPKKND ??!!.
    just change dat dammit !

  • Swarna Kanhye

    ITS BETTER 2 CHANGE THE TITLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deepali Poddar

    better change the title i dont want this serial to be tagged as ipkknd ……they can giv any title whatever they want but not this……….i m sorry to say they say they hav invested lots of money for the title but i they really knew their viewers they wont hav done this they r really hurting ipkknd fans toooo badky……….

  • maria

    no one can take ASR place it will not be our old ipkknd want barun

  • ash

    only barun and sanaya and all same cast otherwise we don’t want this show

    • neha

      so sad to know that sarun are not the leading pairing not ecited about ipkknd 2 without sarun we want them as the leading pairing otherwise no one

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