‘Qubool Hai’ to launch on ZEE TV in October

26th September 2012    10:50

'Qubool Hai' to launch on ZEE TV in October

'Qubool Hai' to launch on ZEE TV in October

ZEE TV will be launching new drama ‘Qubool Hai’ in the final week of October, BizAsia can confirm.

The love story produced by 4 Lions Films will star Karan Singh Grover, alongside Punjabi actress Surbhi Jyoti who makes her TV debut. It will see Grover’s character in the show belonging to a Muslim based family.

Alka Kaushal, Vaquar Sheikh, Harsh Vashishth and Tej Sapru also star in ‘Qubool Hai’.

Karan Singh Grover was last seen in ‘Teri Meri Love Stories’ with Anita Hassnandani on Star Plus.

‘Qubool Hai’ launches on ZEE TV India on Monday 29th October and expected to launch on ZEE TV UK on Tuesday 30th October in the 20:30 slot. ‘Sapne Suhane Ladakan Pe’ will move to 19:00.


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