Ofcom confirms Sunrise Radio under scanner

7th February 2014    11:02

Sunrise Radio woes continue

Sunrise Radio woes continue

UK media regulator, Ofcom has confirmed to BizAsia that it is looking into Buzz Asia Limited’s sudden change in format.

Buzz Asia Limited, which is now trading as Sunrise Radio on 963 and 972 AM has changed to a much older format without any consultation or prior agreement with Ofcom. The Buzz Asia Limited frequency is meant to broadcast to a younger audience, however, since Lyca Media acquired the old Sunrise Radio frequencies earlier this week, Chairman Dr Avtar Lit changed Buzz Asia Limited into a much more adult contemporary station. He planned to bring in a similar style of programming that listeners were used to on 1458AM to the old Buzz Asia frequencies.

BizAsia reported at the beginning of this week that UK radio stations are not permitted to change formats without consulting Ofcom. Buzz Asia Limited was expected to change after it became more evident in the week that Lit was close to losing the popular 1458AM and 1035AM frequencies in London.

Ofcom confirmed to BizAsia that it got in touch with the licencee yesterday about the “apparent” change.

Meanwhile, more presenters from Sunrise Radio have flocked over to the new Lyca Radio stations to retain the sound of what listeners have been used to on the 1458AM frequency. Presenters including Ravi Sharma, Sarita Sabharawal and Sharon Sharma. have joined the station.


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  • Kajol Kalsi

    Great news………..JUSTICE AT LAST,

  • RRK 3001

    About time the so called doctor gets caught out for his dodgy dealings

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