Sky Sports beats ITV to win rights for IPL

14th February 2014    21:08

Indian Premier League (IPL)

Indian Premier League (IPL)

BSkyB has beaten ITV to broadcast the upcoming Indian Premier League this year.

TV Sports Markets reports that Sky Sports will be the exclusive broadcaster of the lucrative cricket tournament. ITV4 in the UK had been the sole broadcaster of IPL for the past four seasons. This will be the first time IPL will be shown on a subscription channel. Sky Sports outbid rivals ITV and BT Sports for the rights.

As the competition between Sky Sports and BT Sports intensifies, BSkyB was quick to put in a record price for the rights. Sky Sports has also renewed its deal for the rights of Sri Lankan cricket in a multi-year deal.

This year’s IPL kicks off in the second week of April 2014.


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  • Boy Charioteer

    No live cricket at all now on terrestrial TV whatsoever. Murdoch owns Cricket as far as the UK is concerned. No wonder our National team is rubbish. Nobody will know how to play the game soon because nobody will know what it is.

  • Jeetinder Toor

    Setanta was the first subscription channel in the UK to show the IPL until it’s collapse in 2009, sign of the times, disappointed that ITV lost to sky, just shows that sports broadcasting rights is a bidding war between the broadcasters, highest money on the table wins the rights, sports free to air tv days are numbered!

  • Fawad Warraich

    I have found this website very informative. I love this website. I have found this website very informative.

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