Sony Entertainment Television Asia goes HD in India

27th May 2012    23:10

Sony Entertainment Television Asia goes HD in India

Sony Entertainment Television Asia goes HD in India

Multi Screen Media’s flagship Hindi entertainment channel, Sony Entertainment Television Asia has begun broadcasting in High Definition in India this week.

The HD feed will be available for analogue and digital distributors. It will be available on Tata Sky, Airtel, Dish TV and Videocon, covering almost all of the current HD universe. Apart from this it will also be available on Hathway, Seven Star & other key networks.

NP Singh, COO, Multi Screen Media Pvt Ltd said, “I am pleased to announce that our flagship channel Sony is all set to be broadcast in HD. Traditionally, SET Network has always embraced technological excellence and going HD is another step in that direction. Improving viewer delight is our aim & I am sure that our consumers will enjoy the enhanced viewer experience immensely.”

Sneha Rajani, Senior Executive Vice President and Business Head, Sony Entertainment Television said, “As a channel that has always been a pioneer in its content offering for the TV audience at large, Sony will continue to keep its viewers in the forefront and be a leader in the marketplace. Going HD is a continuation of that focus and a very proud moment for us all.”

Sony TV’s sister sports channel, SIX already broadcasts in HD.


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  • Mitman

    When will set hd available in USA

  • SunnyD

    Hope Sony HD is available on Sky Soon, otherwise I’ll be canceling VIew Asia

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