Star Jalsha set to replace ABP News in UK?

14th November 2012    10:21

Star Jalsha to replace ABP News in UK?

Star Jalsha to replace ABP News in UK?

Star TV Network’s Bengali entertainment channel, Star Jalsha is expected to replace ABP News when it ceases broadcasting in the UK later this month.

ABP News is set to leave the UK Asian TV market after its deal with Star TV ended earlier this year. Star News became ABP News a few months ago but due to legalities and contractual agreements, the channel was still being carried in the UK.

While, Star TV is yet to comment on the developments, tests of Star Jalsha have already started off the Sky Digital EPG. With tests in full swing, the channel is more than likely to launch before the end of this month.

It is unclear why the network has chosen its Bengali channel for UK launch. Even though Star Jalsha leads in its genre in India, it faces stiff competition from other free channels like ATN Bangla, Channel S, Bangla TV and Channel 9. ZEE had earlier tried its hand at offering Bengali content with ZEE Bangla and through ZEE Cafe but they were soon taken off. Multi Screen Media has also been toying with the idea of launching its Bengali channel, Sony Aath – but nothing concrete yet.

Meanwhile, on cable platform – Virgin Media – ABP News is set to be replaced with Star Life Ok – the network’s second entertainment channel. The change is expected next week.

Star Gold’s sister channel, Movies Ok was also rumoured to launch to fill the vacant slot left by ABP News on Sky Digital but this currently is unconfirmed.

Details below of how viewers can manually tune in to the tests:
-> Using your Sky Digi remote, go to Services Menu
-> System Setup (4)
-> Add Channels (4)
-> Enter frequency: 11.261 (H), FEC: 2/3, SR: 27500
-> Find Channels and Press SELECT
-> Highlight “52112? service and press Yellow button.
-> Return to Services Menu
-> Other Channels (6) on STB / (8) on Sky+
-> “52112? should be listed and available


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  • milly

    Mostly Bojhena SE Bojhena and kiranmala there no English words on them anymore yet we have been watching since last year ,so please help us thx

  • milly

    We enjoy watching it but we don’t understand e language pse can we have the English words on so we can enjoy

  • harry

    Star Jalsha , will definitely win over the other Bengali channels in UK, which are based in Bangladesh, and their entertainment contents are not as good as Star Jalsha.

  • Kamal Poojara


  • I dont understand get why they had to remove ABP news. There is only really one news channel that Star had and it was this. For viewers that don’t have zee tv/colors where do they expect us to watch the news now? Star Jalsa is a bengali channel right? well fine they added that but why did they have to remove ABP news. This is very annoying.

  • pancholi

    hi very disapotment as you took ABP NEWS away from the air . we want the channel back ASAP my husband miss very much .

  • disqus_QYSymd12Zy

    As you have disconectes ABP news i am thinking of disconecting all Star Channnels because this is only channel i used to watch

  • faiza

    no more saas bahu aur saasish 🙁

  • Quite disappointed, really. There’s no good quality Gujarati channels and I wish Star would have pushed their Gujarati channel instead of yet another Bengali channel. Hell, even Punjabi would have been good.

    Hope they re-think their strategy

  • Thank you Star for launching Bengali Channels in the uk. This was long waited. Hope that Zee, Sony and ETC will also follow the suit. Interestingly, in the USA, sony aath, star jalsa, zee bangla, etc bangla and tara channels are avaiable. So why not uk. Now if Star launches Star Jalsa, the rest of the channels will also think of their prospects in the UK.

  • Zakir Hussain

    Will it be free to air if not the Star Jalsha wont be any good as we got very good free to air bengali channels all bengali channels are free in the uk if star jalsha is going to be a pay tv channel expect less viwers then the other bengali channels if not free to air.

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