Star Life Ok set for Virgin Media launch?

12th November 2012    22:58

Star Life Ok to launch on Virgin Media?

Star Life Ok to launch on Virgin Media?

Star Life Ok is set for a launch on Virgin Media later this month, according to industry speculation.

Whilst details are sketchy at the moment, Star Life Ok is expected to replace ABP News on the cable platform – a channel, which is rumoured to be going off air in the UK.

Sources close to BizAsia say that ABP News is likely to cease broadcasting in the UK as Star TV’s contract with ABP comes to an end. ABP News is no longer a Star TV channel after it was sold to ABP earlier this year, however it was still being carried by Star UK due to legal agreements.

Star TV UK is expected to make an announcement on BizAsia later this week. Star Life Ok is rumoured to be launching on Virgin Media on Thursday 22nd November – the same day ABP News will come off. The news channel is also available on Sky Digital – it remains to be seen what the network plans to do with its EPG slot – it is likely another Star India channel will come in its place.

Keep it with BizAsia for more details.


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  • Anonymous

    Star Gold would have been a better replacement for Virgin media customers.

  • Anonymous

    I heard someone mention that Star Jalsha is currently epg testing with test card on Sky and will be the new channel that will replace Abp news.

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