Star Plus HD to launch in UK on Sky Digital in July

9th May 2012    16:07

Star Plus HD to launch in UK on Sky Digital in July

Star Plus HD to launch in UK on Sky Digital in July

After months of anticipation, Star Plus HD will be launching in the UK on the Sky Digital platform in July.

Rajan Singh, Executive Vice President of Star TV International, confirmed on his Twitter account that plans were underway to launch Star Plus HD on Sky Digital just in time for the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards. Star TV is the official broadcaster of the awards ceremony.

The tweet read, “Star Plus HD on Sky on 5th July to ensure IIFA shown on HD just now on the techy boys and girls to sort it out.”

While the show takes place at the beginning of June, Star Plus will be showing the main event on Saturday 7th July – days after Star Plus HD launches in the UK.

The broadcaster is yet to announce plans for the Star Plus HD channel, even though it was confirmed last year that it was working on bringing the service to the UK, along with Star Gold HD. The latter will be also be launching in the UK but at a later date.

Sky package and pricing of the new Star Plus HD channel will be revealed later this month.


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  • Raza

    The great step before iifa!!!!


    @30c96eece6471547353c97ba55bea0b6:disqus r u sure ? i am not getting the signal and neither 55300, and r u able to c starplus HD ( I mean the shows ) ?

  • fkhan786

    Star Plus HD testing on 28.2 degrees east on frequency 12607 vertical 27500 3/4  channel name is 55300.

  • StarRules

    eeek, best news ever

  • mattia

    @0c3e7ab76eb6269788ee0091caaaf919:disqus I do have an hd tv but the shows on star plus are in 4:3 not in 16:9 so u see shows in wide screen 

  • mattia

    finally Star Plus HD is coming !!! was waiting
    couldn’t watch shows on 42″ Full HD tv with star plus in 4:3
    STAR u rock 

  • Mohan

    Kabir I do know what real HD is so I don’t need a lesson from you and if what you’re saying is right then I take my comment back. However, the current Star Plus UK SD channel doesn’t playout in 16:9 even though you say programmes are filmed in “Asli HD” which would mean 16:9 and all the comments I’ve read about the HD channel broadcastingin Asia says the same.

  • Kabir Singhal

    Beast way to know the difference on HD is watch a cricket match or a Movie and you’ll know the difference straight away …

  • Kalinga21

    Zameer – the fact that you pay extra is the only thing that matters in your statement below.

  • Zameer1

    I still am unable to find the difference between normal and HD channels i pay extra every month but cant find the difference

    • Harry

      U might not have hd tv get a hd tv first l

  • Kabir Singhal

    People need to understand what HD is before commenting… If STAR are planning to get HD Channels, again the FIRST in the Asian channel market to do something different…STAR you ROCK..

    The aspect ratio, which is the ratio of the width of the image to its height, is 16: 9. Thus the images on HD TV do not get stretched on your screen, but look real and lifelike. Only Star HD Channels are Asli HD because we shoot with state of the art HD cameras
    This is for people who could understand what HD is better.Mohan pyaare

  • Mohan

    What’s the point? They don’t even broadcast in widescreen and I hear the HD channel in India just shows everything in 4:3 with black bars on the side.

  • Asifstar

    about time what about star gold that be perfect movies in HD will be fisrt of a kind an it will break all trp

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