Star Plus UK goes widescreen

2nd July 2012    19:18

Star Plus goes widescreen in UK

Star Plus goes widescreen in UK

Star Plus UK has gone widescreen, BizAsia can confirm.

The channel, which launches in High Definition (HD) later this week, has changed the broadcasting format of its standard channel to widescreen – the only Asian TV to be available in anamorphic widescreen.

Viewers do not need to adjust their TV sets – they will automatically change to the new format. Now that Star Plus is 16:9 from source, the logo does not get stretched and hence looks slightly narrower than usual.

Other Star TV UK channels – Star Life Ok, Star Gold and ABP News will follow the same format shortly.

The only other Asian TV channel to be available in widescreen is UMP Stars.


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    @0caafab26aa98c596f26b6c71e9749df:disqus no signal on StarPlus or StarPlus HD ?

  • Asif

    i keep getting no signal??


    infact I saw that Star Plus was in 16:9, hope Star Gold does the same, but waiting 4 starplus HD


  • Priya

    When will Star Gold be in Widescreen? and will it be HD?

     I have always preferred Star over UMP. Star Rules!

    Bring on Thursday for Star Plus HD

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