Star TV and BSkyB sign multi-year carriage deal

23rd November 2012    14:06

Star TV UK and BSkyB have signed a new multi-yearcarriage deal that will see an expanded range of Star TV’s entertainment channels and programming available to Sky’s customers.

The agreement forms part of Sky’s on-going commitment to deliver greater breadth, depth and value for all subscribers, including those audiences who value high-quality programming from overseas. Now with a monthly reach of over 1.5 million viewers, Star Network’s portfolio of channels respond to the growing demand for high-quality Hindi and Bengali language programming. In addition to a channel carriage renewal for its existing channels, Star TV will also launch HD versions of its existing channels to complement Star Plus HD, as well as On Demand services to better satisfy customers.

The agreement sees Sky renew its distribution partnership for Star Network’s leading range of Hindi-language entertainment and Bollywood film channels, including Star Plus, Star Life OK, and Star Gold. Plus the newly launched Bengali entertainment channel, Star Jalsha. This follows the recent launch of Star Plus HD – the UK’s first Asian TV channel in full high definition.

In addition, the partnership between the broadcasters includes distribution rights that will see Sky offer access to Star Network’s programmes through its catch-up platforms, including Sky’s On Demand service.

Yeshpal Sharma, Sr. Vice President UK & Europe, Star Networks says, “It has been a fantastic journey with Sky so far and we are glad that with the multi-year deal Sky has recognised our commitment as the UK’s No. 1 Asian television network offering top quality content to a growing Asian audience. We have built a firm foundation and are committed to taking it to new heights.”

Adrian Pilkington, Director of Partner Channels, Sky, said, “We’re pleased to be extending our partnership with Star TV as viewing amongst the UK’s Asian audience continues to grow strongly. At Sky, we’re delighted to help Star’s programming reach more than 10m homes, and to give viewers more choice, control and flexibility by making Star’s content available in high-definition and on-demand.”


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  • Anupam Patra

    This is 2014 and there is one HD channel – Star Plus HD. Not sure when others will be introduced.

  • Vishak Allampathur

    is that mean southindian channels also can watch like asianet, asianetplus, asianetnews, asianetmovies all are under stargroup

  • Zee

    I would have thought James Murdoch, who is in ‘charge and overlooking’ News Corp’s media interest in South East, in particular Star TV Asia would not have even contemplated not renewing the distribution of Star TV via BSkyB in the UK.

    I am surprised we don’t have the whole bouquet of Star TV network channels that are broadcasted in India/China/Malaysia here in the UK distributed by BSkyB- Isn’t Star Network under the News Corp umbrella, therefore in it’s interest to broadcast the network channels via it’s own stake holding company (BskyB) in the UK?

    Almost all Sky channels are available in the US!

  • p.kanabar

    so what happen to ABP NEWS is there no more news on wards

  • priya

    Does this mean Life Ok and Star Gold in HD coming soon? Also what time scale is soon? And when is on demand coming? Give some dates please!

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