Star UK to hold huge Bollywood concert

4th May 2012    18:36

The cat is out the bag! Star TV UK has confirmed that it will be holding a huge Bollywood concert in the UK to celebrate 100 years of Indian cinema.

Rajan Singh, Executive Vice President of Star TV International, confirmed on his Twitter account that the popular network will be holding a special concert in the UK to celebrate 100 years of Indian cinema.

The tweet read, “History in the making biggest concert to celebrate 100 years of Indian Cinema in UK top celeb line up it cannot get bigger then this.”

Whilst details are being kept under wraps until all legalities have been cleared, the concert is expected to take place in July.

The industry had been abuzz for several days after Rajan Singh announced on Twitter that a “historical announcement” was expected in May. Rumours doing the rounds were of a much larger scale to what has been announced today. They included Star TV channels going free in the UK, news on Star TV HD channels and a few others. It looks viewers will have to wait a little longer for any of the HD channels to materialise in the UK.


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  • Kam

    Its funny how all the other Asian broadcasters haev pimped the market. Star is the only channel that has always delivered what it has promised. I was at the Star Viewer Forum in London and the team has done everything they promised they would. Their marketing, their content, their vision is second to none. Good luck star tv.  i will be there with my family rto enjoy the concert. 

  • Franklyspeaking21

    Another event with overpaid and overrated so called Bollywood Stars jumping around on stage miming to playback singers….Please can we have some real talent on show…

  • Morphx25

    I understand Star wanting to celebrate the 100th year of cinema but this is by no means a historical annoucement.  It’s very anti climactic.  Yes, it’s got people talking about star but it de-values the brand with such a damp squib annoucement. very dissapointed.

  • Kapil

    can someone star that it is a television channel that delivers content to its audiences, and not an events company doing random things. don’t turn star into silly events company. we love star because of its top content, not senseless events. rajan singh – pl don’t spoil it. 

  • Monamibaruah123

    what is this rubbish announcement. this makes star look like clowns. jokers!!! can we have something serious and new. rubbish concert. who cares!??? 

  • Mtripat66

    nothing new or different..anticlimax and boredom. after such good concepts- now something so poor. doomed for failure. 

  • Kabir Singhal

    Well finally someone is doing something different….not the usual Concerts and distributing free tickets or artists not turning up for the concert itself. if STAR are doing it, it shall be a great success… Shall attend this no matter what

  • Franklyspeaking21

    Another doomed event by Star, another failed project by Rajan singh and another opportunity to fleece Indian viewers…

  • Sanj

    Another reason to scam Asian community to part money for exceptionally high ticket prices.. Watch the prices… It will be cheaper to see GaGa!

  • what rubbish is this the big announcement?????
    i was hoping for hd channels but it’s another award show what a disappointment 

  • guest

    Another concert and apparently a “Historical” announcement.. What a disappointment

  • Asifstar

    Gutted really thought it should have been HD
    They need to act fast.. Or there will regret it..

  • Guest

    What an anti climax that was. Why would Star could this an “historic” announcement! Surely going HD or free would be more “historic”.

    Anyway the network should go HD sooner than later.

  • Anonymous

    Ahh…I expected more than that. Something about Star UK going free…I’m dissapointed now and this means I have to continue being with SKY.

    A kind message to Star UK: Why dont you go free and get your money/profits from advertisers? Is that not possible Rajan Singh?

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