Sunrise Radio 1&3 go off as new owners take charge

4th February 2014    17:48

Sunrise Radio 1, 2 and 3

Sunrise Radio bought out by Lyca Media

The stations previously known as Sunrise Radio 1 and Sunrise Radio 3 have gone off-air as new owners Lyca Media take control and relocate them.

Both flagship brands, which broadcast on 1458AM and 1035AM have been static since around 16:00 this afternoon. BizAsia understands that the newly owned stations will move out of the Southall premises where Sunrise Radio (1458AM) has lived for the past 25 years. They are expected to move temporarily to Spectrum Radio studios in Battersea – this is yet to be confirmed.

Sunrise Radio 2 (Buzz Asia Limited), now known as Sunrise Radio continues to broadcast regular programming with further emphasis on the Sunrise Radio brand.

Lyca Media is yet to announce the names of the stations it has acquired.


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  • Sam

    My sunrise radio on BAD is not working in London not sure if that’s because of this new takeover thing..

  • Andrew Barker

    Sunrise radio from Bradford appears to be still on air with live presenters. How is this station affected.

    • lbaddhan

      Sunrise Radio in Bradford is not part of the same group as the stations in London so this is unaffected by any takeover.

      • Andrew Barker

        Thanks for the clarification, Ibaddhan.

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