Sunrise National claims to have sold 90% of airtime

1st March 2016    23:10

Sunrise Radio

Sunrise Radio

Sunrise Radio’s Managing Director, Tony Lit told industry executives that the inventory on its Sunrise Radio National platform was 90% sold prior to it launching yesterday.

At the ‘Drive to Digital’ event to mark the launch of the new 18 stations on digital radio, each station briefly spoke about its service.

Lit touched upon the 26-year history of the station, further adding that its inventory on the national service was 90% sold. Going by the broadcasts, the local and national service of Sunrise Radio splits during commercial airtime. While in London, the station is taking blocks of around 5-minute commercial breaks, the national service has much more concise breaks with songs played while waiting for the London service to complete its commercial run. The national service then switches back to the London output.

Industry buzz has it that Sunrise Radio is charging in the region of £40-£60 per 30-second commercial on its national service. Locally, Sunrise Radio is said to be charging a much lower rate due to competition from other stations in Greater London.

Sunrise Radio has also today rolled out its television campaign with commercials being aired across 15 channels, according to Lit. As well as spot advertising, Sunrise Radio is also sponsoring particular programmes including SAB TV’s primetime shows.

Sunrise Radio, along with Panjab Radio and Awesome Radio have officially become the first three Asian commercial stations to go national on digital radio.


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