Sunrise TV & Sunrise Radio removed from Sky EPG

27th February 2013    20:21

Sunrise TV removed from Sky Digital EPG

Sunrise TV removed from Sky Digital EPG

Sunrise TV and Sunrise Radio have both been removed from the Sky Digital EPG line-up today.

Sunrise TV, which broadcasts free-to-air on channel 830 is showing ‘channel unavailable’ on screen. The same applies to Sunrise Radio, which has been a part of the Sky line-up since the launch on channel 0133.

It is currently not known the reason behind the sudden disappearance but in cases like this – it boils down to either a technical fault or a financial issue. The broadcaster has not given any explanation on the abrupt removal.

This is the latest change in a string of recent happenings at the Sunrise Radio Group. In the past year, Sunrise Radio and Punjabi Radio have ceased broadcasting in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Coventry. Sister station, Kismat Radio has also repositioned itself as a regional language station with emphasis on Gujarati, Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi programming. Youth station Buzz Asia became Buzz Radio last month.

Kismat Radio and Punjabi Radio remain unaffected on Sky Digital.


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  • sandy

    Apart from Zaigham and Anisa and Charanjit no other presenters are worth listening to or seeing. They had removed Zaigham and Meher Khan but Zaigham has returned. All the other presenters are like Sheila ki jawani with limited life. The quality of films on Sunrise tv were tenth generation vcr copies with everything out of focus and indian films described as pakistani films. You can see same films on Youtube at almost dvd quality.
    for Pratiks info Sunrise group is the rudest group on air they never apologise for anything and you cant expect them to tell its listerners anything. Maybe they are consuting Shakuntla devi

  • Ejaz

    I miss Sunrise TV.It showed old and classic films which I watched for old Rafi and Lata songs!

  • jk

    Maybe now is good time to expose the flamboyant Dr of nothing Litt of his manipulation techniques to cajole vulnerable employees to massage his own “ego” im sure there must be lots of them out there scarred by his promises and complete lack of respect for a future or careers and in turn taking away their hope.

  • jk

    im so glad sunrise radio has been taken off air i hope ofcom check exactly all the illegal goings on at litt corporation, hes been getting away with far too much for far too long now. Some people really do think they are above the law and only go on to be tyrants to their employees making them work for there lavish lifestyles and egos.

  • Vaanam

    Has Sunrise TV returned again?

    • Ali

      Sunrise Television has left 12523.00MHz, pol.V (DVB-S SID:55109
      PID:2340/2341 English), it is no longer transmitted by satellite in

  • Ali

    Sunrise Television has left 12523.00MHz, pol.V (DVB-S SID:55109 PID:2340/2341 English), it is no longer transmitted by satellite in Europe.

  • Sunny

    Boring station with boring presenters. That Avtar Litt (good for nothing) needs to get a life…,!

  • Guest

    It’s a financial issue. Everyone who works at Sunrise has seen their cheques bounce for Jan. People are working there for free. Looks like old Lit’s run out of money.

  • mkh

    Everyone who have left messages have been criticising Sunrise tv and sunrise radio sounds quite angry obviously then why do they even bother to watch or listen to either. They must be tu nning in or how else they know its off. We are talking about people who are trying to entertain asians in this country and doing their job. No one tells anyone to switch to their channel. I like all the presenters.

  • Guest

    I totally agree with kk. It’s about time that RUBBISH like Sunrise Radio & Sunrise TV was taken OFF sky for good, in order to make space for BETTER quality TV & radio.

    The TV station has been RUBBISH from day one and as for the radio… Well, they claim to be ‘The greatest Asian radio station in the world’, can someone explain HOW that’s possible when the RAJAR figures clearly show that they have less listeners than the BBC Asian Network.

    I was once a regular listener to the station, over the years I feel it no longer relates to me. I’m not going to lie, I do tune in every now and again to see if it’s worthy of my ears again.

    How can a station that plays the SAME RUBBISH songs hour after hour make such a massive claim that they are the best in the world?

    Over the years, it seems to me, that Sunrise radio has lost its connection with the very people that took it to the top… THE LISTENERS!

    The likes of Rafi, Lata, kishore, Udit, Anuradha, Alka, Kavita, Kumar & Sonu have all been replaced with Sheila, Anarkali & Radha.

    Shouldn’t ‘The greatest Asian radio station in the world’ have some responsibility in promoting Asian music to the younger generation – regardless of how old the song is?


    Also, what’s with re-using names the radio? I tuned in the other day to find a guy calling himself Paul Shah. He must be the 5th person to use the name in the past 20 years. Does the management really think we are so stupid that the listerners won’t be able to tell the difference from one Paul Shah to another?


  • Pratik

    My message for Sunrise Radio reads: “This Channel is off air at the moment.” Nothing else is mentioned. It should atleast read that there’s been a problem and will be back “on air” as soon as possible.

  • bigb

    phoned sunrise radio london on 02085746666,they say there is a technical fault and sunrise radio and sunrise tv will be back on 1 march 2013,

  • Guest

    just phoned sunrise radio,there is a technical fault and sunrise radio and sunrise tv will be back on first of march 2013

  • kk

    Who cares and about time!

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