ZEE to launch ZEE Rajasthan Plus in India

28th July 2013    20:45

ZEE Media to launch ZEE Rajasthan Plus

ZEE Media to launch ZEE Rajasthan Plus

ZEE India launches a news and entertainment channel for viewers living in Rajasthan, simply called ZEE Rajasthan Plus, later this month.

ZEE Rajasthan Plus is targeting the Hindi speaking audiences in India with a mix of programming in Hindi and Rajasthani dialects. With the slogan ‘mera shaan mera abhimaan’, the channel plans to integrate many genres in one channel with ‘something for everyone.”

The channel is expected to run with popular shows from the ZEE group’s catalogue for a few weeks until it firms up its official FPC. Programmes will consist of fiction and non-fictions. Its news programming slate will have both half hour shows and smaller news bulletins covering regional, national and international developments and will be fed by news bureaus and news representatives and crews in almost all major Rajasthani cities (even at the block level).

ZEE Rajasthan Plus will be available from Wednesday 31st July. It will sit under the ZEE Media umbrella.

Extracts from IndianTelevision


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