ZEE TV to launch ‘Gangs Of Haseepur’ on weekends

12th April 2014    20:47

'Gangs Of Haseepur' to launch on ZEE TV

'Gangs Of Haseepur' to launch on ZEE TV

ZEE TV will be launching its new comedy show ‘Gangs Of Haseepur’ in the weekend slot, replacing ‘Bh Se Bhade’, which has not done well in the ratings.

The new show will be hosted by actress turned presenter Ragini Khanna. It will be judged by Tanishaa Mukerji and Mandira Bedi. Performances will include Bharti Singh, Suresh Menon, Raju Srivastav and Krushna Abhishek.

Talking to IndianTelevision, Nitin Keni of Essel Vision Productions said the concept is very different from other comedy shows running on television today. “It will talk about social issues, and comedians will pick an issue which the country is facing and make fun of it. It has been just 15 days since we finalized the concept of the show.”

ZEE TV programming head Namit Sharma added, “Our endeavour is to make a good comedy show that reflects all the issues of society currently and that can poke fun at the everyday life of our country. On our channel, there was a lack of it, and there was a desire to do a comedy show. More importantly, there was a desire to reflect the mood of the country,” he says. “We do understand that men watch more GEC television over weekends. So, we are catering to the entire family.”

‘Gangs Of Haseepur’ goes on the floors later this week. It is expected to launch at the beginning of May.


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