ZEE TV to launch ‘Housewife’ this month

18th December 2012    18:41

ZEE TV to launch new drama 'Housewife'

ZEE TV to launch new drama 'Housewife'

ZEE TV will be launching its latest fiction ‘Housewife Hai…Sab Jaanti Hai’ later this month.

Set in Allahabad, the show features Sona, a journalist who consciously decides to leave her job and be a housewife on getting married. The show will explore how she applies her intelligence to being a smart housewife, plays her cards well and sets an otherwise dysfunctional family back on track.

The show marks the comeback of the beautiful Suhasi Dhami who shot to fame and ruled millions of hearts as Aabha in ZEE TV’s ‘Yahaaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli’. Playing a feisty and spunky Sona will be quite a departure for the actress from her previous portrayal of the Rajshri-style idealistic beti. The veteran film and television actress Himani Shivpuri will be seen as her greedy, self-centered, dominating mother-in-law, ever brimming with snide remarks and sarcasm.

Speaking of her new role, Suhasi said, “I am extremely glad to be back on ZEE TV with my role of Sona in Housewife Hai … Sab Jaanti Hai. The very premise of the show excites me as I feel strongly about the subject. It’s sad how a lot of people say – Oh, she doesn’t do anything, she’s a housewife! I find that statement ridiculous because people fail to realize the mountains most housewives move in the course of an average day. Households that run like well-oiled machinery will come to a standstill and families will fall apart if these hardworking women stop doing the job they do! Yet, they are constantly made to feel like they do not make a significant contribution. I am extremely glad to be a part of a show that highlights the dignity that exists in being a housewife and gives them their due respect.”

The show is produced by Gulshan Sachdeva and will premiere on ZEE TV UK on Monday 31st December.


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