ZEE TV to launch new drama ‘Sapne Suhane’ in May

24th April 2012    13:12

ZEE TV to launch new drama 'Sapne Suhane' in May

ZEE TV to launch new drama 'Sapne Suhane' in May

ZEE TV will be launching its new drama ‘Sapne Suhane…Ladhak Pan Ke’ in May, BizAsia can reveal.

The show produced by Shakuntalam Telefilms is about two characters Gunjan and Rachana who are born and brought up in a different environment and belong to a different lifestyle but come together because of destiny. In this journey of their wonder years, they fill their gaps and become each others strength. It stars Roopal Tyagi and Mahima Makwana.

‘Sapne Suhane’ is likely to replace ‘Choti Bahu’, which has been under the scanner for several months due to its low viewership.

‘Sapne Suhane’ launches in early-May.


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