Zing to launch new daily request show

18th April 2012    21:47

ZEE Network’s lifestyle and music channel, Zing is upping the game in the UK by launching a weekday request show called ‘Rock The Vibe’.

The show produced by Gunjan Hazarika of Picturegate Productions, will be presented by Asad Shan who also fronts the channel’s ‘Brits Bollywood’ show on Sunday mornings.

The channel is keeping tightlipped about the show’s concept. But according to buzz, ‘Rock The Vibe’ will be the first daily request show on UK Asian TV.

Rival, B4U Music has a similar format with ‘Video Active’ but the show focuses on viewers around the world and is recorded in India.

‘Rock The Vibe’ is expected to take an early-evening slot from mid-May on Zing.


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