Hrithik Roshan starrer ‘Paani’ to be YRF’s priciest film?

28th January 2013 12:52 pm

Hrithik Roshan will be male lead in 'Paani'

Hrithik Roshan will be male lead in 'Paani'

Shekhar Kapur’s forthcoming project, ‘Paani’, has been talked about for some time. Hrithik Roshan was confirmed in the protagonist’s role and, not so long ago, Yash Raj Films (YRF) were named producers. BizAsia can reveal that the production house is going all out for the the ambitious venture.

Head of YRF, Aditya Chopra, is said to have made sure most of his staff at the production house are now working on ‘Paani’ and it is being said that he is putting a minimum of 200 crores into the film. This would indeed make it the most expensive film ever to be made in Indian cinema.

‘Paani’ is said to be a love story set in a futuristic Mumbai. It is set to go on the floors mid-2013.


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