Karisma Kapoor keen to act in comedy

24th January 2013 9:38 am

Govinda-Karisma to come back?

Govinda-Karisma to come back?

After making her comeback in ‘Dangerous Ishhq’ (2012) after a five-year break, actress Karisma Kapoor has expressed how she would love to do a light-hearted film next.

Though no film deals have been reported with Kapoor, she explains how she would like her next to be a comedy film, as Times if India report her saying, “I never plan anything. As of now, I would like to do a light-hearted comedy.”

Comedy films are known to be rather difficult as one never knows what they are doing will actually portray the thrill correctly or not. However having starred in a few successful comedies already, the actress seems to know what she wants to get into.

After the disappointing outcome of her comeback film, here’s hoping something good comes her way very soon.


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