Mallika Sherawat’s character changed in ‘Dirty Politics’

19th February 2013 9:22 am

Mallika Sherawat demands changes to 'Dirty Politics'

Mallika Sherawat demands changes to 'Dirty Politics'

Making a film based on true events is always a risky business, and many filmmakers find themselves having to re-arrange a few bits due to some people not being happy with the film. However, filmmaker K C Bokadia found himself having to change his whole script of his upcoming ‘Dirty Politics’, due to some political issues regarding the main character.

Lead actress Mallika Sherawat’s role was supposed to be based on 1992 gang rape victim Bhanvari Devi, whose court case caused uproar through out the world. However, according to Bollywood Hungama, the sets where disturbed by a particular political party who protested that the case was being re-visited by another party. This prompted Bokadia to go back to his script and make some changes in order to keep his film clean. “We decided to steer away from the whole headline thing when politicians jumped into the fray. We didn’t want to face what Shekhar Kapur had to go through during ‘Bandit Queen’ (1994) or what Ekta Kapoor had to face during ‘The Dirty Picture’ (2011),” the film maker was reported explaining.

It was also reported that Sherawat had been advised not to talk too much about the background of her character in case of sparking up some unwanted debates. Well, the actress is known to be rather outspoken, let’s see how well she does with keeping this side of the story to herself.


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