Yale University invites Ranbir Kapoor as guest lecturer

28th January 2013 9:30 am

Ranbir Kapoor to attend USA university?

Ranbir Kapoor to attend USA university?

This years Filmfare Best Actor winner Ranbir Kapoor, has been privileged in being invited to one of America’s top universities- Yale, to stand as a guest lecturer.

Last year saw non other than Shah Rukh Khan himself in the same role at Yale, and as Times of India reports, this year Kapoor has been chosen. With his super hit of last year ‘Barfi!'(2012) taking away seven major Filmfare awards, it is no surprise that this actor, has been chosen for such an honour.

Though coming from a large family background of actors, Kapoor has managed to create his name for himself, and has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, rather quickly. Despite his debut film ‘Sawaariya’ (2007) not doing so well, Kapoor’s presence was very well appreciated. Talking of making names for themselves, Yale seem to be forming a pattern here. Will the next best actor, Filmfare Award winner see himself with an invite next year?


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